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Adorable 4-Year-Old Reviews Upscale Restaurant, Is Not Impressed

Four-year-old reviews restaurant, is not impressed
Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

Who needs to waste time thumbing through a Zagat guide when you can get the honest restaurant reviews you crave from an unbiased 4-year-old? So goes the logic of the folks at The Bold Italic, who have been publishing a hilarious series starring kids for a few months now. As it turns out, bringing precocious children into upscale restaurants for taste tests is comedy gold, as evidenced by its latest installment, penned by writer Jessica Saia and photographer Isla Bell Murray. In their recent post, we meet 4-year-old Elai Rubinsky, who recently dined at Plum Restaurant in Oakland, Calif., .... and let's just say she was not a fan.

Things started off on the wrong foot with the amuse-bouche, which she immediately declared was "not good." Her assessment of the bread? "It's OK." Her horrified reaction to a rather delicious-looking cranberry mocktail? "Cold, cold, cold, cold. I can't drink it, it's too cold." A roasted and raw beet salad was also turned away at first glance, for Elai noticed right away that it was not what it appeared to be. "Oh no, that's paint! I can't eat paint." When she finally had a bite, she noticed it tasted rather ... familiar. "It tastes like chicken nuggets," she asserted. "I usually like chicken nuggets, but not THESE chicken nuggets."

You can read more adorable kid reviews on The Bold Italic (and we strongly urge you to, because the priceless photos of each kid's reactions are simply priceless).

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