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Dad Takes Newborn to a Soccer Game Just Hours After Being Born

Dad takes newborn to British soccer game

It took 29 hours of long, painful labor for little Arlo Roach to make his way into the world. And while you might expect those first few hours after delivery to be filled with lots of resting, bonding time with mom and perhaps learning to master that whole latching thing, you would be incorrect there.

Instead, baby Arlo was whisked away from the hospital by his dad, Anthony, who promptly took him to his very first British soccer game—just hours after his birth.

See, dad is a huge (HUGE) Torquay United fan, and, as he later told reporters, just couldn't miss a game ... or the chance to bring his first son with him to experience the magic on his first day of life.

"We only managed to arrive at halftime, but thankfully that meant he only had to watch one of the three goals we let in!" Roach proudly told Torquay Herald Express.

We get it—sports fans can be a bit fanatical. And British soccer fans? Well they're in a class all their own, apparently. (Just compare this guy to the fans who threw a smoke bomb at a referee last year, and it all seems totally benign.) According to Babycenter, there is apparently no known medical reason why a newborn baby can't be brought into public "for a little fresh air." But still, couldn't dad have waited a little longer before bringing his kid to a game? We're willing to bet a loud, crowded soccer arena isn't the most calming environment to be in after you've made a long, tiring exit from the womb.

What do you think of this dad's move? A little crazy, or no big deal?

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