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8-Year-Old Croons Frank Sinatra Song (Almost) Better Than the Man Himself

8-year-old covers Frank Sinatra

You may remember the soulful (and amazingly impressive) voice of Angelina Jordan from that time she belted out a Billie Holiday song on Norway's Got Talent back in March and made the Internet stand at attention. Her performance was, in a word, mesmerizing—and not just because the big and beautiful voice that came out of the very tiny then-7-year-old was way beyond her years. It was also the sheer confidence she displayed that made you just want to keep watching her.

Well apparently, we missed a follow-up performance from the pint-sized Norwegian songstress of Frank Sinatra's Fly Me to the Moon... and it is perfection. Watch and be amazed as she delivers every line with unbelievable passion (and, just a hint of sass).

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