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Survey Reveals What We Already Knew About Mom: She's the Best

Survey reveals surprising facts about mom

Mother's Day is sneaking up on us fast, and as is always the case this time of year, mom-centric messages are everywhere—from TV ads to online gift guides. Now hopping on that bandwagon is the task-management app Any.do, which brings us a lighthearted video based on a recent user survey they conducted ... and reveals some surprising facts about the everyday lives of mom. As it turns out, she's far more productive in a given day or week than the rest of us. (But hey, you already knew that.)

Some fun facts from the results? When it comes to laundry, mom gets it done like a boss, doing 7+ loads a week. In fact, when all is said and done, mom completes 10 times as many tasks as the average person—and that's just on the weekend.

But if you don't exactly measure your awesomeness by the laundry load, here's one other telling truth that reveals just how important mom is: When life gets rough, 78 percent of users said mom is the first person they call. The rest? They call dad. (Sorry, dad.)

You can learn more about Any.do right here.

Image via YouTube

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