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Teens Concoct NFL-Style Draft for Choosing Prom Dates, Don't Get Why That's a Big Deal

Teens create NFL-style draft for prom
Photograph by Getty Images/Ingram Publishing

Just when we thought all those romantic promposals were proving that chivalry is not dead—and in fact, alive and well even in high school—a group of teen boys from Southern California has gone and proven us wrong.

According to the Orange County Register, junior and senior boys at Corona del Mar High School have actually been picking their prom dates by a rather unconventional method for years now: through an NFL-style draft. Dubbed the "Prom Draft," it is in no way affiliated with the school itself but has been allowed to carry on for reasons unknown. As you probably have guessed by now, the key players in the draft are their female peers—though the students swear they are not ranked or chosen based on looks.

Well, sort of.

"I am part of the draft and am friends with many girls in the draft, and yes, in some instances girls can be picked by appearance," sophomore Jessie Harris admitted to the Register. But she insists that's not all it's about.

"It is all just a fun way to decide who you will be going to prom with," she continued. "It is not meant to harm those who are picked and I do not believe that it does. It is not, was never, and will never ever be used to objectify the girls at our school."

The draft itself was for the most part secretive until it recently went viral after some of the boys just couldn't keep it off Twitter. (Because, well, teenagers.) The Register reports that some of the draft picks were posted, as well as some photos of "sport-coated teens making their selections." One of the teens even tweeted—on the school's senior class Twitter account, mind you—that "Many drafters on the prowl tomorrow for #freeagents, so dress nice lady."

...what was that again about not objectifying girls?

Since news of the draft has swept the local area, some have come out to denounce its practice, such as the school's own principal, Kathy Scott, who sent a letter to parents. “I am sure that the intention of this ‘draft’ is not to be harmful, but it may be,” Scott wrote. “It is not OK for any student to be objectified or judged in any way.”

Interestingly, many of the students' parents find the draft to be no big deal, and even wrote into the Register to say that it's all just a fun way to sort out prom plans.

But Scott does not agree. "This is not behavior that is consistent with our school's outstanding reputation," she wrote in an email. "I urge you to talk with your student(s) and discuss the seriousness of this type of activity. Prom is an important event in the lives of our students, and I would hate to have to cancel it or any other important student-related activity due to the negative actions of a few."

Where do you stand on all this? Think the draft is just a fun way to snag a prom date, or that it's objectifying the girls who are a part of it?

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