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Sumo Wrestlers Making Babies Cry Is the Cutest Thing Ever


Wait, there are people in this world who actually want to make babies cry? During the 400-year-old Naki Sumo Festival in Japan, two sumo wrestlers each hold a baby born the year before and make loud noises and faces at their opponent's baby to try to get them to wail. And if a baby fails to cry at the sumo wrestlers' attempts, the referee dons a scary mask to try to "help" it along. The baby that cries the longest and the loudest is crowned the winner.

And just why would a parent subject their tot to this? The Japanese believe that a crying baby can ward away bad spirits, thereby ensuring a healthy life. Whether it actually works or not is up for debate, but we can all agree that these are some of the most adorable crying faces you'll see all day.

So the next time you want to crawl under a rock when your baby starts fussing, just think of all of the good health they're inviting instead.

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