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8th Grader Suspended for Opting out of Common Core

It's a rare thing to read a story that's pro-Common Core standards these days. For one, there was this kid who stated, in so many words, that Common Core is silly. Then, there was this dad who, despite his engineering degree and experience with differential equations, couldn't quite answer a Common Core math question.

Now, this girl who refused to take Common Core tests, was recently suspended three times.

Alyssa McKinney, an 8th grader from Huntsville, Ala., told WAAY-TV that she refused to take Common Core tests and was punished with two in-school suspensions. When she refused to take a third test, she was sent home with another suspension.

But, here's the thing that makes us say, "Huh?" Parents of Alabama students are allowed to opt their children out of taking the tests with a note. While the details are fuzzy as to whether or not McKinney's parents did this, one thing is sure: McKinney's mom already wrote a note dismissing her daughter from a test this coming Monday.

While McKinney is not the first student to make headlines for being reprimanded for refusing to take the tests, we don't imagine she'll be the last, either.

What do you think of the Common Core tests? Are you having your kids opt out?

Image via WAAY-TV

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