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WWE Pays Tribute to Its Biggest Fan

Connor Michalek was one of wrestling's biggest fans. At just 8 years old, he even had his own heavyweight name, Connor the Crusher. He looked up to many WWE wrestlers, Daniel Bryan being one of his favorites.

In this touching tribute to Connor, who passed away before the video was published, his dad and various wrestlers tell the story of how Connor's dreams came true when he got to meet and even get in the ring with his idols at WrestleMania.

Even if WWE isn't your cup of tea, this video will make you tear up. Connor had so much heart, so much joy, and his dad says, "I truly believe the whole experience extended Connor's time with me." He says, "He was himself, and it was like having my little boy back."

Watch out, this one's a smack-down tear-jerker.

Image via YouTube

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