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WATCH: Hilarious Parody of 'Thank You, Mom' Commercials

Remember those heartwarming "Thank You, Mom" ads from Procter & Gamble that aired during the Olympics?

Well, this isn't that.

Comedian Johanna Stein, in an effort to promote her new book to promote her new book "How Not to Calm Your Child on an Airplane," decided to create her own version of those commercials with kids thanking their moms for some not-so-awesome things like telling them white lies to get out of doing something, or faking a stomach ache to sit in the bathroom alone. The end result? Hilarious. Check it out for yourself:

Stein shares with the Huffington Post, "I wanted to shoot a rebuttal to all those sappy, marketing videos that seem to show up around Mother's Day ... Don’t get me wrong—those sappy videos make me cry harder than anyone on the planet. In fact, that’s probably why I felt the need to make fun of them. So I could get back at those folks for making my eyes so puffy."

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