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Mila Kunis Opens up About Being Pregnant

We were all in a tizzy when we heard the news that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher announced their pregnancy AND their engagement. They had managed to keep their exciting announcement a secret for quite some time. Now, though, Mila is opening up about expecting.

On a special Mother's Day Ellen show, Mila discussed everything from her choice to have a natural birth to her weird pregnancy cravings.

"I'm very stereotypical. I eat sauerkraut all day long," the mom-to-be joked. Of course, Ellen DeGeneres surprised her with some sauerkraut during the show, and low and behold, MIla dug right in! She mentioned how Ashton has been very helpful during the pregnancy, too, going so far as to stock a whole fridge with weird craving foods.

And the devoted dad-to-be is also learning Russian! Mila speaks the language (and is from the Ukraine). He hopes to learn the lingo so their child can be bilingual.

Finally, Mila said that she'll be going with a natural birth. After doing some research and consulting her ob-gyn, she opted for a midwife to deliver her baby. "I'm gonna do it as natural as I possibly can, unless there's an emergency or something," she told Ellen.

The couple isn't sharing the due date or the sex of the baby, so we'll just have to wait! Good luck!

Image via Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

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