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8-Year-Old Watches Her Own Birth on Video, Finds It Totally Amazing

Little girl watches her own birth video and finds it amazing

A few weeks ago, YouTube personality Tyler Oakley filmed himself watching his own birth for the first time, and we all got a kick out of watching him watch it. While taking in the six-minute VHS clip, the 24-year-old sat beside his mother, and went through a slew of emotions (and facial expressions) ranging from being physically nauseated to being on the verge of tears. It was gory, it was dramatic, it was beautiful … it was the real deal.

This week, a similar clip is making the rounds on YouTube; except this time, its star is an 8-year-old girl. As for her reactions? Let's just say she was way less grossed out by the whole thing than Tyler. In fact, she found the whole thing pretty awesome.

As she watches the moment she was born, she holds her breath in anxious anticipation as her mom is told to "push, push, push!" and sits mesmerized by the video's end. "This will happen to me when I'm a grown-up?" she asks someone off-camera (presumably her mom).

It's too sweet:

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