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Mom Makes 100 Videos for 100 Days, Just to Show Her Kids How Much She Loves Them

Mom shares 100 things she loves about her kids for 100 days

Here's the thing: Maura Lint loves her three kids ((Brian, Duncan and Maggie) to bits. But as most moms would tell you, she sometimes worries that in between all the day-to-day craziness of raising three kids, juggling a job and dealing with two rambunctious dogs … she may not always stop to actually tell them that. What's more, she definitely doesn't tell them all the reasons why she loves them.

So approximately 100 days ago, Maura set out to change all that. As part of the "Give It 100" challenge, she began sitting down every single day to record herself sharing one thing she loves about each kid. No matter how small, or seemingly insignificant each little factoid was, it meant something to mom—and she wanted them to know that.

Here's a short clip of the result. (Beware, it will melt your heart.)

You can watch the full video–all 100 days of it–right here on

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