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Parents Save on Mother's Day Dinner Bill, Thanks to 'Well-Behaved' Kid

"Well behaved kids" earn parents a discount on Mother's Day

And now for a story you wish was your own ...

This Mother's Day, Daley Walsh decided to treat his wife Alicia to a yummy brunch at a semi-fancy local restaurant, Carino Japanese Bistro. But there was one (possible) hitch: They were bringing along their one-year-old daughter, Evie. Let's just say, their restaurant of choice doesn't exactly have a reputation for being kid-friendly.

Now, a potential mid-meal meltdown is something every parent with a kid under 5 faces when they head out to eat. But the Walshes, mindful of that fact, decided to brave it anyway. They arrived with a game plan, brought along their own high chair for Evie and planned to clean up after they finished eating. (They undoubtedly threw up a few prayers before they got there, too.)

In the end, the brunch went off rather amazingly, with no meltdowns, crying or food being thrown. But they received the best pat on the back for their efforts once the bill arrived, and a small, but notable discount of $5 was taken off the bill: the "Well-Behaved Kids" discount. (Score!)

The proud couple posted the receipt to Reddit, where jealous parents everywhere congratulated them. Later, when speaking with the Huffington Post, Daley admitted "We never expected it. With Evie being our first child and hitting her first year, it felt like getting an A on your parenting report card."

We bet it did.

And as Daley also called out, it couldn't have come on a better day of the year. "It was that little piece of recognition on Mother's Day that meant so much," he said.

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