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Teen With Tourette's Syndrome Makes Video With a Message for Us All

Living with Tourette's syndrome isn't an easy road. Living with Tourette's, plus ADHD, OCD and being homeless? That's a life no kid should have to lead.

But for Canadian teen Becca Calla, her roughest days — of being misunderstood and teased on the bus — are long behind her. Now that she's been officially diagnosed (and lives in a loving home), she's managed to cope with the anger and frustration that accompanied her disorders and instead channel it all into one of her main passions: playing the violin.

"I've been playing violin for 10 years. There are so many things I never thought I'd be able to play that I can now play in my sleep," says Becca. "Now, I know how to release my energy in a healthy way instead of getting angry all the time."

"Ask anyone that knows me now," she continued. "I'm the happiest girl because I know I'm getting the right support and help I need."

She's released a video sharing her story, as part of a contest entry into Change the View 2014, which aims to squash the stigmas of various mental and neurological disorders. If she wins, she'll walk away with a $1,500 prize. Watch and be amazed by her talent as well as her upbeat spirit.

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