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Mom Saves Baby by Jumping Three Stories from Burning Building

It's a terrifying scenario that no mom should ever have to face. A fire breaks out in your apartment and you're trapped inside, alone with your baby. The fire department may be on its way, but for now, you're threatened by overwhelming smoke and flames, with almost nowhere to turn.

Such was the very scary predicament mom Christina Simoes was faced with last Wednesday, when a fire suddenly broke out in her Haverhill, Mass., apartment.

It was the smoke that first caught Christina's attention, while lying in bed with her 18-month-old son, Cameron. But as the flames started approaching from less than 10 feet away, she saw only one way out — through the window. Christina opened the window and bravely jumped three stories down to the ground below. According to ABC News, she did her best to cushion little Cameron's fall by holding him tightly and letting her own body take the impact.

"I just knew we were either going to die or we were going to get out of there," Simoes later said. Thankfully, she decided it was going to be the latter.

But once the pair were on the ground, they weren't quite safe yet. Debris was falling all around them, and Christina yelled to Cameron to run far away from it so he wouldn't get struck.

Her efforts paid off; by all reports, Cameron remained entirely unscathed from the jump.

Sadly, though, the same cannot be said for mom. Doctors say Christina sustained a serious vertebrae injury and may not be able to walk ever again.

But as tragic as that prospect sounds, Christina would gladly take not walking again over Cameron being seriously hurt from the incident.

"All I was thinking about was getting him out of there," she told reporters. "He mattered way more than I did."

Now faced with a series of surgeries ahead and rising medical bills, Christina's friend Jessica Mortensen has started a GoFundMe page to help pay off the debt that is coming her way. You can donate here.

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