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Chrissy Teigen Copes With Mom-Shamers, Just Like Us

Photograph by Rex Shutterstock

Chrissy Teigen is definitely not one to mince words when it comes to dealing with the haters who feel they have the right to criticize her every move as a parent (or let's be honest: also as a human being and woman, in general). Despite the fact that Teigen and husband John Legend have publicly shared their fertility struggles, the critics came on social media before their daughter Luna was even born—and Chrissy got the brunt of it. So much so, that Legend defended his wife and asked people to lay off, or at least judge him, too. From selecting the gender of their embryo during IVF to their plans to use a night nurse, every little choice was scrutinized. Why people think anyone wants to hear their opinions about how Chrissy and John live their lives is another story.

"I feel like pregnancy is the time for them to warm you up to the shaming that’s about to come because they really go in on you,” she told Today.com.

And though Teigen is quick with a comeback, it doesn't mean that the scrutiny and mom-shaming doesn't get to her at times. In fact, part of the reason she shares the unfiltered moments of motherhood on her social media channels (close-up pics of her stretch marks on Snapchat and openly discussing her postpartum depression on Instagram) is that the filtered and Photoshopped images that are so pervasive on our feeds make her feel just as "insanely inadequate" as any other mom, she shared at a recent event in Los Angeles.

“I’ve been on shoots, I’ve been naked-to-naked with people, and I will say that everyone has a stretch mark. Every time I see that other stretch mark, I’m like, ‘Girl, yes!’" Teigen told the Beautycon audience. "It makes me feel better, and if more of us did that shit, how many people would feel better?”

But it's not just what we all post—it's also how people behave in return. If you skim through the comments people leave on her Instagram photos, you'll see what we mean. Haters and sanctimommies have something to say for just about every photo she posts, and even though the positive comments outweigh the negative, it's still got to wear on a mama. Teigen reads the comments, she says, and she's not afraid to respond. In fact, she often does. (She's even retweeted and posted screenshots of mean comments on Twitter.)

Photograph by Twitter

But, really, what the hell is wrong with the people who feel the need to pick apart every little thing about her parenting? Whether it's how she holds her daughter, how she dresses her, or what she's feeding her, everybody's a critic. In May, Teigen posted a video of Luna petting a turtle and some people felt it necessary to make comments that "you shouldn't let children pet turtles until they know how to ID them." (Insert eye-roll here.) She can't even post a damn picture of her daughter with her grandpa without people leaving stupid comments. Can't we just let her live?

As one commenter on the famous mom's Instagram feed pointed out, after she posted an adorable photo of Luna eating dinner in a high chair: "Chrissy Teigen could post a pic of a clear blue sky & someone would still find a way to complain or insult ... I just cannot waitttttt until small minds are an endangered species."

And from another:

"If I were @chrissyteigen, I'd post a picture of her with a chicken nugget next and just watch the comments roll in 👏 Shamed if they eat a salad and shamed if they eat a cookie."

Surprisingly, Teigen told Today.com that she turns to mom blogs for advice, comfort and reassurance (just like we do!), and that the jerks—however loud they may be—are fewer and farther between than they may seem. “It makes you realize that the moms that are the most angry or crazy about their cause, they just happen to be the loudest," she told Today.com. "But, they’re not the majority.”

Teigen is sometimes her own worst critic when it comes to worrying about traveling with a baby, and she's got mom anxiety just like everyone else. “I think we get stuck in our own heads and worried about pleasing other people,” she said.

Chrissy, if you're reading: We love you. Just do you, girl! We'd give anything to count you as a member of our mom tribe and you're always inspiring us to keep it real. You can ride with us any time, day or night ... over a cliff or maybe just through the drive-thru window in the mini van for late night tacos (we hear you're a fan). You know what we mean.

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