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Watch Kids Try to Explain Dreams

Kids share their theories on what dreams are

Asking kids to describe everyday things is somehow always comedy gold (as evidenced by everything the Fine Brothers have ever committed to film).

And now, New York Public Radio station WNYC has tapped into some of that hilarity with their latest interview on dreams. Chatting with second and third graders from the Little Red School House in Manhattan, WNYC asked kids just why they think we dream, anyway, and to describe their own memorable dreams in full detail.

It's all part of the radio station's Sleep Project, which is getting to the bottom of how well people really sleep at night. As it turns out, kids have a lot of fascinating and adorable theories as to why this dreaming thing happens at all.

One kid named Jack believes dreams are there to keep us from getting bored. "In the night, you can't like do anything, and a dream is a good way to fill up a big chunk of time," he says.

"It's sort of like you're awake,"another boy named Oliver adds. "But you're sleepwalking, but you're making a little story with pictures in your head."

On point, again, kids.

Jack also believes that boys dream differently than girls. "Boys probably have more violent dreams than girls," he says. "Girls probably have more, like, nice ballerina dreams."

As for what grown-ups dream about? Sophie supposes it's all pretty boring stuff.

"I think a grown-up would dream about the next day of the week, or the next day of the weekend, or the next day of the month, or the next day of the year," she says.

Hmmm ... she forgot to add the part where we still show up late to our math test and don't know any of the answers. And discover we have no pants on. (Will those dreams ever end?!)

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