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Sandy Hook 'Truther' Steals Memorial Sign, Taunts Victim's Mother

Sandy Hook "truther" steals memorial sign, taunts victim's mother

This story makes our hearts heavy.

According to CBS2.com, a group of so-called "Sandy Hook truthers" are claiming that the Sandy Hook shooting never happened; and what's more, they have allegedly vandalized a playground in Mystic, Conn., that was recently dedicated to 7-year-old Grace McDonnell, one of the 20 children tragically killed in the massacre.

It was last Tuesday when it was first discovered that the large, 50-pound vinyl sign reading "Grace McDonnell Playground" had been stolen. The sign, based on a drawing that the 7-year-old had once made, featured a large peace symbol she had drawn herself. It was a beautiful tribute; and then it was gone.

To make matters worse, the theft was discovered when Grace's mom, Lynn, received a strange and disturbing call from a man who claimed to have stolen the sign himself. Though the call was brief, it was long enough for the man to tell her that he stole the sign because he believes the entire Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax.

Lynn also told reporters that the nameless man taunted her, telling her that her daughter never existed. (Yes, really.)

According to The Raw Story, the small group of Sandy Hook "truthers" believe the Newtown shooting was all part of a "false flag" operation — a big rouse orchestrated by the government to eventually take guns away from the community. But using that logic, it would mean that the 20 kids who tragically lost their lives in the massacre never were alive to begin with.

While you may think such a traumatizing event would leave Lynn McDonnell absolutely shattered, she isn't letting it get her spirits down.

A new sign has been ordered and, as she told NBC Connecticut, "We are going to keep moving forward. This is not going to stop us, but it is heartbreaking."

Sadly, this isn't the only theft involving a Sandy Hook memorial. Just a few days earlier, a nearby playground in Hartford was reportedly covered in graffiti. The playground was dedicated to another Newtown victim, Anna Grace Marquez-Greene.

In that case, the sign was reportedly spray-painted with the letters "BEKS," accompanied by a peace sign and then "To Sandy Hook."

In the meantime, Connecticut police are continuing to investigate both cases.

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