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In Six Seconds, This Kid Proves He's Got Game Beyond His Years

Boy at baseball game catches foul, gives it to girl

If you were tuning in to the Toronto Blue Jays-Texas Rangers game on Saturday, May 17, you may have witnessed a special little moment in the stands, when a young boy caught a foul ball and promptly turned right around to hand it to the teenaged girl behind him.

The adorably flirtatious move caused the girl to blush and put her hand to her heart. The crowd went wild, hearts melted, and the inherent lesson for every other young boy watching seemed to be clear: this is how you impress a girl.

But it only took 24 hours for a Vine video of his smoother-than-smooth moves to go viral... and for Internet sleuths to immediately detect that there was more to it than first met the eye.

Apparently, the mini-Casanova had already been in possession of a souvenir ball since before the game started; and if you look very closely, you can clearly see it's the souvenir ball he is handing to the girl–while he keeps the foul ball he caught for himself.

Well played, little man.

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