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Pint-Sized Instagram Star Channels Ryan Gosling, Pharrell and More

Instagram kid poses like male models

Meet Ryker Wixom — the up-and-coming male model who's been making waves all over Instagram for his dashing good looks, snappy dressing and killer poses. He's even got 83,000 followers (and climbing) to his name.

Oh yeah, and he just so happens to be four years old.

Wixom is the uber-stylish tyke behind Mini Style Hacker, a style blog created by his mom, Collette, that's turned him into something of a social media celeb these last four months.

Sure, stylish kid models are nothing new to Instagram. (You need only search the hashtag #kidstyle to see tons of snapshots featuring kids decked out in clothes that are nicer than yours.) But Ryker's photos are perhaps most loved because all of his duds can be found at reasonably-priced retail stores. Plus, his adorably styled photos and natural confidence in front of the camera have also helped earn him a place in a lot of hearts.

Here he is channeling the one and only Ryan Gosling.

Throw some shades on him, and Ryker can look just as smooth as Pharrell.

Plus, he knows how to look chic on the beach. (Or at last stand in a sandbox and make you think he's at the beach.)

Leaning artfully, whilst catching a light breeze? He's a pro at that.

And the over-the-shoulder, semi-surprised look? He's mastered that, too.

Looking cool + jogging in loafers = NBD for this kid.

While Ryker's sudden fame has surprised his mom, so has some of the negativity that's accompanied it.

“A lot of people say I’m playing dress-up with my kid, but I get him dressed up once a day like anyone else would do,” Collette told TODAY.com. “Other people say I have too much time on my hands, but I’m a full-time mom and I work full time.”

“It’s crazy,” she continued. “The whole thing has just been shocking to me.”

What do you think of Ryker's photos?

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