Mom Shares Wickedly Funny Pregnancy Pics and We're Here For It

by Claudya Martinez

Maya Vorderstrasse had a baby, then discovered two months later that she was pregnant again. OMG, right? The soon-to-be mom of "Irish twins" decided to document her second pregnancy via Instagram like she had her first.

Here she is with her newborn, Zoey, announcing her second pregnancy. At first, she was keeping the whole thing Instagram pretty.

There's nothing wrong with sweet and pretty, but can we all agree that not everything about pregnancy is sweet and pretty? At a certain point, Vorderstrasse decided to get really real.

"Up until about halfway through the pregnancy, I was still taking pretty pictures, but I would try and insert a relatable caption," she told ABC News. "But then it came to a point where I said, 'I'm way too tired and hurting. I can't pretend it's this amazing feeling all the time.' It's hard, I was achy and I had my other child crawling and I felt fake, portraying something that just wasn't my reality.”

She used a letter board to put into words what she was going through and the results are funny AF.

Turns out her wicked, realistic and utterly relatable sense of humor was something the internet was craving badly because the likes started pouring in.

"When my first one went viral and got over 6,000 ‘likes,’ the one where I'm [fake] choking my husband because he took my food, that was the one that made me realize how much people like these and could relate," Vorderstrasse said. "People were messaging me saying, 'Oh, my gosh, that's exactly how I feel. Thank you for being so honest about that.' They feel like it's OK to not have it all together and these other moms felt like they belonged somewhere reading my posts."

As the weeks progressed, she kept bringing the real and the funny.

And it was really funny.

Come on, what mother hasn’t wondered HOW something that big is going to get through something that small?!

Then, on August 3, Hazel was born.

But Vorderstrasse isn’t done documenting the truth.

She's lettin' new mamas know that she feels their pain and that they are not alone.

Hey, representation matters! If all we ever see are images of blissful pregnancies and perfectly poised new moms, how are those of us who aren't feeling all that blissful and think that Poise is something you buy to help you with your newly acquired bladder leaking issue supposed to feel?

Kudos to Vorderstrasse for sharing the good, the bad and the ugly sides of pregnancy, but most of all for making us laugh at the truth of it all.

Postpartum hormones are no joke, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t joke about them.


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