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WATCH: Twin Brothers Get a Kick Out of Each Other During Adorable Mealtime Chat

Baby twin brothers chat at the dinner table

Being a twin can be seriously awesome. The unbreakable bond you share from birth; getting a built-in best bud for life; the whole mental telepathy thing ... not to mention, having someone there from the start who totally gets you.

Here to illustrate that last fact are the adorable twin boys of Diane McDevitt (aka, mommy blogger Listful Mom), whose recent after-dinner chat was caught on film by mom — and just so happens to be the best thing ever.

While seated in some sort of a DIY twin table, the boys face each other, wearing identical outfits, and looking like two kids staring in a mirror. They babble, they laugh, they grab each other's faces and laugh some more ... the whole thing is kind of amazing and hilarious and too-cute-to-handle, all at once.

Image via YouTube

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