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WATCH: Mama Bear Fearlessly Rescues Her Cub from the Highway (in Ridiculously Adorable Fashion)

Baby bear rescued from freeway by mama bear

Kids: Can't take 'em anywhere. They're always begging for something or wandering off where they shouldn't be the second your back is turned. (Are we right or are we right?)

Apparently, baby bears are no different, as evidenced by one adorably sweet video out of British Columbia this week.

It seems one curious little cub was wandering perilously close to the edge of a road when he was separated from his family. Before he knew it, he was trapped on the shoulder of the freeway, behind a median he couldn't quite climb over. Lucky for him, though, Mama Bear wasn't far behind. She walked right up to that median, looked both ways to check for cars and grabbed that cub by his neck, bringing him back where he belonged.

The whole scene is pretty adorable and startlingly human (which is what makes it even better). And thanks to a couple of camera operators from the show "Tornado Hunter," who were conveniently parked right across from the bear cub, the whole thing was caught on tape and put on YouTube for our eternal enjoyment. (Thank you, Internet.)

Image via YouTube

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