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50 Kids Take Over New York City Subway Car While Playing Recorders

50 kids play their recorders on New York City subway

Every New Yorker knows that the second you step into a subway car, you are playing a risky little game of chance. Will the old man in the corner whip out a keyboard and start singing Motown at the top of his lungs? Will the woman sitting next to you start preaching about the End of Days? Will a giant rat scurry into the car at the 42nd Street stop and cause widespread panic?

And now, a new possibility to add to the list: Will a pack of elementary school kids swarm the train car, pull out their recorders and start playing in unison?

According to Gothamist, some truly unlucky New Yorkers were treated to that exact same scenario this week, when a group of 50 kids boarded the N train and played with screechingly loud intensity for 40 minutes straight. Now, we're sure the kids thought they were just entertaining subway riders with some beautiful tunes. But for anyone who's even just sat through one performance of "Hot Cross Buns" on the recorder, you know that this produces one of the worst sounds to come out of an instrument ever.

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