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Baby Kinda-Sorta Says 'I Love You' in Cutest Video Ever

2-month-old baby says 'I Love You' to dad

Every parent thinks their kid is a total genius, but one proud dad has a little more evidence to prove it this week, after a clip of his very verbal 2-month-old went viral for all to see.

In the video, the adorable little girl sits in her dad's lap, smiling away and trying to mimic his every word. As he repeats "I love you" to her, she tries admirably to recite the same words, but doesn't quite hit the mark each time (she is only eight weeks old, after all). By the video's end, though, she finally manages to eke out something that sounds an awful lot like "I love you" — and it is THE CUTEST!

Do yourself a favor and watch:

Image via YouTube

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