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Girl Falls at Aquarium, Sea Lion Adorably Stops to Check on Her

Girl falls at aquarium, sea lion stops to see if she's okay

Animal-lovers, get ready. This clip is just too-stinking-cute.

While visiting an aquarium at the National Zoo recently, one very excited little girl began running back and forth in front of the glass tank in sheer happiness. (Who could blame her?) But she wasn't the only one psyched to be there. Apparently, a friendly sea lion on the other side of the glass was way excited to see her too, and began swimming back and forth along side her in a little game of tag.

Now, that would have been cute enough for us to watch on its own, but it gets better.

At some point, due to sheer over-excitement, the little girl seems to trip and fall to the ground, thereby causing the adorable sea lion to stop dead in his tracks, turn around and give a look of "Oh no! Are you OK?" For the record, she was totally fine, which makes us feel better about watching this on repeat several times in a row. Seeing the sea lion react in such an immediate human-like fashion is just all sorts of cute.

Image via YouTube

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