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Teens Track Down Nurse Who Stole Baby Just Hours After Being Born

Woman dressed as fake nurse steals baby

When we first heard this story, we almost couldn't believe it was true.

On Monday, a 21-year-old Canadian woman dressed up as a nurse, walked into a hospital in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, and walked out with a baby, just 16 hours old.

If you're wondering how such a feat was even pulled off, we're sorry to say it all happened pretty easily. According to reports, the fake nurse made her way into the maternity ward and slipped straight into the hospital room of a mother who had just recently given birth. There, new mom Mélissa McMahon was holding her newborn baby Victoria in her arms, undoubtedly enjoying her first moments with her new daughter.

That's when the "nurse" approached her and said she needed to take the baby away to be weighed. McMahon handed the baby over willingly; but minutes later, something about the request just didn't seem right. A quick chat with the on-duty staff confirmed the new mother's greatest fear: Her baby had been abducted.

Immediately, an Amber Alert was put out by police, security footage was checked and posts went out for help across social media. McMahon and the baby's father, Simon Boisclair, each wrote their own pleading Facebook posts, just minutes after it all went down. “Help us, please, after one day, our daughter has been stolen,” Simon's post read.

"The worst-case scenarios played out over and over in our heads," McMahon later said. "Unfortunately, the endings are not often happy, above all in this type of case."

But lucky for this mom, the ending was happy — all thanks to a group of bored teenagers. (And Facebook.)

Spotting the Facebook posts, and having no plans, a group of four teens decided to be of some help. "We had nothing to do that night," they later told reporters. "We went off in search of a red car."

That red car in question was a red Toyota Yaris that hospital security had spotted on their cameras. In one of its windows hung a sign that read "Baby on Board."

It just so happened that one of these teens thought the car and the fake nurse looked familiar. Driving to her former residence, the teen immediately spotted her neighbor's red car with its telltale sign in the window, and called the cops.

Amazingly, all within the span of one hour, baby Victoria was found unharmed, and returned to her mother. The fake nurse, on the other hand, was arrested and brought in for a mental health evaluation.

As for the hero teens? They're currently being applauded all over Quebec (and the Internet) for a job well done.

Image via CNN

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