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Kid's Crayon Drawings Get Her Mom a New Kidney

Girl's drawings get her mom a new kidney

When Jenny Williams received her first kidney transplant, she was just 26 years old. At the time, her brother had lovingly volunteered to be her donor, and in 1990, the two underwent surgery.

But by 2011, the kidney had begun to fail. Now a mom, Williams' declining health was steadily impacting her way of life, so her doctors placed her on a waiting list to receive a second transplant.

"I've got to get a kidney," Williams told WCVB recently. "My kids deserve me to be there for them. I can't run and play with them like I used to."

In the 36 months since she started waiting for the kidney, Jenny has been forced to undergo painfully grueling dialysis treatments three times a week. And while it certainly hasn't been easy on Jenny, it's taken a toll on her family, too.

And so, not wanting to see her mother go through any more pain, Jenny's daughter Jocelyn decided to help in the only way she knew how. She began creating posters, asking others to help find a kidney match for her mom.

Written in a child's hand with colorful crayons, each sign is beautifully unique, but they all have the same heartfelt message. "Jenny's kidney sign," one reads across the top. Another features a rainbow, stick figure of Mom, and a red heart, along with the words "Mom Jenny needs a kidney."

Leaving her phone number on each sign, Jocelyn first brought the posters to her church to help spread the word. From there, news spread throughout the community, and supportive friends and family started printing up fliers. Together, they tirelessly helped the Williams family comb the area near their West Bridgewater, Mass., home for a willing donor.

Finally, three years and many crayon drawings later, Jocelyn found her mom a match.

The long-awaited transplant took place last Friday at Boston's Tufts Medical Center, and was by all reports a success.

As for Jenny, she's beside herself with gratitude. "I want to thank the donor family with all my heart," she told The Enterprise, of the woman whose kidney was donated shortly after her death. "I am forever grateful."

Grateful, too, for that amazing daughter of hers, who used a little creativity and a lot of faith to make her mom's dream become a reality.

Image via WCVB.com

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