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Preschooler Delivers Shortest, But Most Adorable Graduation Speech of the Year

Pre-schooler delivers adorable graduation speech

It's that time of year again: graduation time. And while that usually means our news feeds are inundated with lengthy college speeches by celebs, all vying to turn in the most inspiring or most hilarious speech of the year, our favorite this week goes to a kid barely out of toddlerhood.

It was delivered by a little boy named Jathan Muhar, who recently graduated from preschool. At his graduation ceremony, he donned a pint-sized cap and gown, accepted his diploma for a job well done, and made his way up to the microphone. There, he confidently told the crowd what he wants to be when he grows up ... to which the crowd went wild.

It may just be 5 seconds long, but it is 5 seconds of absolute adorableness.

Image via YouTube

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