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Thieves Break Into North Carolina Non-Profit to Steal ... Diapers?

Thieves break into non-profit and steal baby diapers
Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

Workers at a non-profit in North Carolina were shocked and disheartened to discover this week that they had been robbed. The thieves' loot? Thousands of diapers that were intended to go to needy families in the area.

If this all sounds curiously familiar, that's because it kinda sorta happened before, in the movie "Raising Arizona," when Nicolas Cage steals diapers for his newly stolen baby with his wife, played by Holly Hunter.

But while the 1987 comedy made light of things like kidnapping babies and stealing hoards of diapers, what happened on Saturday has a truly sad and sobering reality — it leaves hundreds families in the local community in a desperate position.

“We already struggle and usually are low on those [sizes], but they completely took every diaper,” said Michelle Old, the executive director of the Diaper Bank of North Carolina.

The amount of diapers stolen was an entire week's supply, and would have helped hundreds of families in the area.

Before the theft, a local church group had been at the Diaper Bank on Saturday, and helped wrap 6,000+ diaper packages for delivery. As Old later told the Associated Press, all the shelves were full when they left that day.

So where did the diapers wind up?

“A couple of people, since hearing about this, have contacted us and say they have been approached in the downtown area with people selling our diapers," she said. "Our tags are still on them."

If you want to donate to the Diaper Bank to help replace the stolen goods, learn more on their official site, NCDiaperBank.org.

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