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Another Bouncy House Takes Off in the Wind

Bouncy house takes off in the wind with kids inside

Last month, we told you about the scary story of a kid's bouncy castle that came loose during a kids' party in South Glen Falls, N.Y. Terrifyingly, it climbed 50 feet high in the sky, injuring two kids who tumbled out as it flew.

At the time, we calmed ourselves with the thought that such things are pretty rare ... but then we saw this story, of another similar incident that happened in the Rocky Mountains Saturday.

The scene was similar: While kids were giddily played inside a bouncy house secured to the ground, the winds started to pick up. This time, it happened at a Lacrosse Jamboree in Littleton, Colorado, where the bouncy castle was set up in a field. But instead of blowing straight up into the air, this bouncy castle rolled and tumbled its way 300 feet across the grass before stopping.

Sadly, there were still kids inside when it started to take off. One of them, a young girl, made it out almost immediately.

"All of a sudden, it picks up, and there's a girl going down the slide. She flies about eight feet in the air," witness Vanessa Atencio told 9News. As that little girl was ejected, the bouncy house continued to make its way across the park.

To another onlooker, it looked like "a bag in the wind," tumbling easily across the park every time the wind picked up. This was all the more terrifying, considering there was a 10-year-old boy trapped inside while it traveled the 300 feet across the field.

While the girl was treated for minor injuries at the field, the boy had to be whisked away to a local hospital to be given a closer look. By all accounts, though, no children suffered any serious injuries.

However, the question remains: why does this keep happening?!

Image via KUSA

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