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Dad of Twins Born Holding Hands Talks About Their Instant Bond

Last month, two twin sisters were born to a couple in Cincinnati, Ohio. That may not sound like an entirely rare occurrence, but these twins were pretty special: They were rare "mono mono" twins, which means they shared the same amniotic sac and placenta. But it was something else about the birth that wound up making headlines first — the sisters were born holding hands.

The photo of their little hands holding on to each other for dear life swept the Web, and all at once, everyone's heart melted.

For little Jenna and Jillian's parents, becoming viral sensations has been quite the experience. Their dad, Bill Thistlewaite, recently chatted with the AP about their insta-fame.

"It's still been crazy," he said. "Everywhere we go, someone saw it. People are still talking about it."

In fact, the morning of his interview with the Associated Press, he and his wife were stopped inside a diner and asked by another diner how their little girls were doing. And he's happy to report that it seems they are doing just fine.

The girls have been staying under care at the Akron Children's Hospital since their birth, but are right on track to be released by Father's Day — something their dad is undoubtedly thrilled about. For now, though, he's consumed with finishing all of the painting he has left to do on their room, and getting other last-minute things together for their arrival. He also admits to some daydreaming about the future, imagining what his little girls will be like together when they grow up and see their birth photo.

"I already feel like they're going to be best friends," he said. "They'll probably look at it and say, 'That makes sense because that's how we are.'"


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