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Dad-to-Be Tries to Recreate a Pinterest Photo for His Wife with Adorable Results

Dad tries and fails to recreate Pinterest photo

Oh, Pinterest. You're good for so many things — amazing crock pot recipes, genius DIY wedding ideas, magically making an hour of our lives disappear each day ...

But when it comes to recreating your images in real life, you always remind us that things will never turn out as pretty as a Pin.

So was the lesson learned by Reddit user huskerman402 and his wife this week, when they snapped a Pinterest-inspired photo with their daughter, and ... well, let's just say they didn't quite get the look they were going for.

"My wife has been stuck in the hospital for about 2 months and we have been doing fun things each night to pass the time," huskerman402 wrote in the forum. "Tonight we decided to take some pregnancy pictures and things didn't go quite as planned obviously. I have a crazy kid with a crazy personality but I wouldn't trade it for the world!"

The photo they chose to recreate is a beautiful shot that's been shared hundreds of times. You may have even seen it before: a mom-to-be sits alongside her daughter in semi-matching outfits. Beautifully backlit, the two pull up their shirts to expose their round bellies.

But when huskerman402's wife tried to have him take the same photo of herself and her toddler, this was the result:

The adorable side-by-side comparison has been making the rounds this week, after huskerman402 shared it to Reddit and unleashed a flood of comments.

Most of them offered the dad-to-be lots of luck, and told him his wife and daughter were beautiful and he was lucky to have them. (To which he adorably responded, "Thank you I do. I know I am a lucky man.")

Others were of the hilarious, but perhaps off-color nature that Reddit often invites: "Glad to see your daughter isn't pregnant like that other chick's kid. Parenting done right!" wrote TheHonPhillipBanks.

Have you ever tried to recreate a Pinterest pin that didn't quite go as planned?

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