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Teens React to '90s Internet, Remind Us How Old We Are

Teens react to 90's Internet

What would kids these days do if they were sent back to a time without the Internet? Probably go insane, if the Fine Brothers' latest reaction video is any indication.

This week, the duo brings us a group of tech-savvy teens who were all born far too late to know anything about "dial-up" or what "Netscape" was. Asked to watch a majorly cheesy video — in which a family of actors from the '90s proceed to explain to the viewer what the Internet is — they cringe with embarrassment, shake their heads at the screen and generally just can't believe what is happening.

By the clip's end, the teens are totally boggled that there was once a time where the vast majority of Americans didn't know what a browser was, or how to check their email, or hop online to search for something (before the days of Google)! And the screeching sounds of dial-up? We thought they'd be more alarmed by that; but as one kid points out, it kinda sounds like something out of a Dubstep song.

Image via YouTube

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