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Parents Call on Strangers to Help Save Their 4-Year-Old's Life

Glenn and Cara O'Neill first learned their daughter Eliza had Sanfilippo syndrome last year.

Cara remembers the moment well. Through tears, she recalls how the doctor gave it to her straight; how she instantly knew what the diagnosis meant because of her own medical training and how immediately altered she knew their lives would be. The rare metabolic disease, which is passed down through the family, is a degenerative disease that disables a person's ability to speak or walk once it progresses.

But as Glen later told The Huffington Post, this is not a story of tragedy. "This is a story of hope, inspiration, determination and ultimate triumph," he wrote in an email.

That's because the O'Neills immediately set out to look for a cure. After months of fundraisers, dance-a-thons and golf events, they have been able to raise an amazing $1 million that they wish to put towards a clinical trial which could cure Eliza. But as big as that number sounds, it's not big enough — the O'Neills actually need $2 million to make it a reality.

That doesn't mean they're giving up, though. The family recently released a video that has touched the hearts of everyone who sees it. In it, they tell their story, and they drive home one simple message: "Eliza needs you."

If you'd like to donate funds to help save Eliza, head to the O'Neills' GoFundMe page now.

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