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Mom Gets Voicemail from Teacher, Is Shocked by What She Hears

Teacher accidentally leaves mom rude voicemail about her kid

A teacher is in hot water (and no doubt incredibly embarrassed) after she left her student's parent a voicemail, and then accidentally failed to hang up the phone before letting some not-so-nice words slip about the kid.

The voicemail started out normal enough, with the unnamed Ohio teacher leaving a standard message on mom Ashley Moore's voicemail. But after she thought she had ended the call, the Crestwood Elementary School teacher apparently turned to a colleague and proceeded to go off about Moore's son.

"He has no common sense," the teacher can be heard saying in the recording. "He was 7 in May, and he's the biggest baby in my group. She still probably wipes his butt." (Yikes!)

The harsh words absolutely stunned More, who immediately knew why her son had been unhappy in school lately. As she told The New York Daily News, he struggles with ADHD, autistic tendencies and gross motor skill issues. The original point of the teacher's call was supposed to be about how he was progressing in the classroom.

Moore was so upset by the whole thing that she pulled her son out of Crestwood and has already enrolled him in a new school. "He's afraid," she told WOIO. "He does not want to go back to her [the teacher]."

The director of communications for Elyria City Schools has since released a statement about the whole awkward mess, saying:

Her actions certainly don't represent the district's philosophy or the partnerships we have with our parents. We know that individuals can become frustrated but there is no excuse for what occurred and the comments this teacher made.

“This certainly isn’t how we expect our teachers to behave," superintendent Paul Rigda added. "At the same time, we understand that they are human. They do have their emotions and opinions, and they can vent at the end of the year. I get it, but she crossed a line.”

On Mommyish, writer Maria Guido gave a little more leeway to the teacher. "Not everyone is going to love your child as much as you do," she wrote. "This woman is entitled to her opinion, she was just really careless about expressing it. And yes, she’s a jerk for talking about a 7-year-old like that, but I doubt she’s the first teacher to ever complain to a colleague about a student. I’m assuming she was talking to a confidante and thought those words would die in that room."

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