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Teens Pull Clever Prank on School Principal with Mariachi Band

Santa Barbara high school seniors prank principal with Mariachi band

My, have high school pranks evolved over the years. Riding golf carts through the school. Staging a hallway sleepover. Taping up all the desks and chairs in a classroom into one gloriously insane pile.

Kids these days are getting creative.

But one of our recent favorite pranks of late has come from the seniors at Santa Barbara High School. These devious little numbskulls managed to pull off a prank that was hilarious, yet harmless — the perfect combo, since it means you will probably avoid detention in the end.

They hired a mariachi band to serenade their school principal John Becchia as he arrived to school ... and for the entire first hour, while he walked around trying to, you know, do his job. Good thing Becchia has a sense of humor and was a good sport about the whole thing. And also good thing somebody caught it on their phone:

The school also found the whole thing to be rather amusing. So much so that they were the ones who posted it to their official YouTube channel.

Image via YouTube

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