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Woman Divorces Husband for Not Liking 'Frozen'

Woman divorces husband over not liking Frozen

It's official — the world has gone nutty for "Frozen." Well, all except one Danish man, who apparently saw the Disney flick and found it kind of meh. Unfortunately for him, it cost him his marriage, since his 29-year-old Japanese wife went berserk over his indifference to the film.

The news of the divorce went viral after the husband posted on a Japanese marriage advice board looking for support. He said his wife became obsessed with "Frozen" to the point where she saw it "numerous" times in the theater and eventually talked him into coming with her. His review? It was OK but he "didn't really care for it, personally."

While that may not have been the most scathing review we've ever heard, it was like a knife to the heart for his wife.

"If you can't understand what makes this movie great, there's something wrong with you as a human being!" she allegedly said, before declaring that she wanted a divorce. What's more, she stopped talking to him all together and he is forced to mediate through her parents. (Wonder what they think of all this.)

According to The Guardian, the husband noted in the forum that the couple had never had any previous issues before the "Frozen" debacle, and mentioned that he even makes enough money to fully support her so that she can stay at home. That last little tidbit sent tongues wagging in the forum where he posted, prompting one user to comment: "If you've got that much money, you should hire a private investigator to look into what she's been up to. I bet she's seeing some guy on the side."

Another wrote, "That's just weird. Do you think there's some other reason she ran out that she's not telling you about?"

Whatever the real story is here, we may never know. The husband and wife have not been identified in the press by name yet, which we're thinking is a good thing because this is one embarrassing divorce story to have to explain at parties.

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Image via Flavorwire

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