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'Fault in Our Stars' Author John Green Sings Hilariously Made-Up Lullaby Lyrics to His Son

'Fault in Our Stars' author sings adorable lullaby to his daughter

Chances are, you've been hearing the name John Green quite a bit these days. That's no surprise, since Green is the bestselling author behind the heartbreakingly poignant teen novel-turned-film, "The Fault in our Stars," which opens in theaters today. But did you know he's also an avid vlogger and keeps up a popular video diary with his brother Hank? The two frequently post their thoughts, adventures and meanderings on YouTube under the handle vlogbrothers.

John and Hank's vlogs tend to run the gamut on topics ranging from quirky inner ramblings on perspective to thoughts on health care, but a recent lighthearted vlog brought on an extra-special guest: Green's son, Henry. And it was pretty adorable.

In it, Green first explains that he's a big fan of singing lullabies to little Henry. As for knowing the true lyrics to them? Let's just say he's not the greatest. But if there were awards to be won for best made-up lullaby lyrics, we're willing to bet Green would win, hands-down.

Watch as he epically butchers "Hush, Little Baby" by making up the various items he will buy for Henry if that mockingbird don't sing. (They include a case of wine, a super power and a diaper rash, to give you a taste of what's to come.)

Image via YouTube

And in case you want a little taste of the movie ...

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