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Move Over, Iggy Azalea – 'I'm So Pregnant' Is the New Summer Anthem

Moms spoof "I'm So Fancy"

Love it or hate it, Iggy Azalea's infectious pop song "I'm So Fancy" is currently stuck in everyone's head right now. But if you've been belting out its lyrics whenever you're alone in the car, we're about to replace them with some even better ones ...

The ladies over at WhatsUpMom have put together a hilarious spoof of the original. While it does use the same catchy beat, and draws upon many of the fun "Clueless" scenes that "I'm So Fancy" does in its video, those are where the similarities end. WhatsUpMom drops all the talk about boozing and ... well, being "fancy," and instead runs through the trials and tribulations of being 9 months pregnant and therefore pretty much unable to do anything.

The day-in-the-life of Mom goes as follows: "I pee every ten seconds / I do not bend down. (That would defy the laws of physics) ... Take your prenatal straight, (Never chase that) / Put 'Frozen' on, Where my nap-nap? / Acid reflux — you should taste that."

Image via YouTube

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