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Toddler Drops Adorable F-Bombs While Attempting to Say 'Truck'

Little girl can't say truck, hilariously mispronounces it

Watching your toddler accidentally curse while valiantly trying to eke out a simple word is one of the most adorably hilarious things ever. (Provided said curse does not slip out while in church, at the library or in the middle of a preschool lesson.) But when it does happen, there are a few must-follow steps you should probably know about. They involve getting out your phone IMMEDIATELY, recording your tongue-tied kid (without laughing too hard in the background, if you can handle that), and uploading the whole thing directly to YouTube so the world can enjoy it.

So goes one viral video from late last week, which captures a diaper-clad girl adorably mispronouncing "truck." It begins just moments after she hears a truck in the distance, and astutely announces "oh, truck!" to inform her mom that something must be up. Only "oh, truck!" winds up sounding like "oh, f--k!" — over and over again. And it is great.

Image via YouTube

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