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Kid's TMI Camp Letters May Be the Best Things We've Ever Read

Kid's hilarious camp letters home go viral

Summer camp can be rough on a kid. There's homesickness, the struggle to make new friends ... and let's not forget all that diarrhea.

While mom Liesl Testwuide admits she had previously fantasized about getting camp letters home from her son that involved fun nature hikes, catching fireflies and missing his brothers terribly, the actual letters she received wound up to be of a different kind entirely.

As she wrote on Hairpin Turns Ahead, her 8-year-old wrote some epically hilarious notes home last year that included his "diyareeya" debacles, record-breaking numbers for eating push-pops and his discovery of how to light farts on fire — a valuable life skill one can only hope a child masters in their lifetime.

Have you received any funny camp letters home from your kids?

Images via HairpinTurnsAhead

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