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Emotional Ad Turns Kids' Moments of Caring Into Inspirational Children's Books

Johnson & Johnson ad turns kids' moments of caring into inspirational stories

Think people these days only think about themselves? Not sure if you're doing enough to bring your kid up to be a good person, despite all the not-so-good forces around them?

Think again, Mom.

This week, Johnson & Johnson brings us an emotional new ad that shows parents just how much their kids care, and reminds them that they're doing an alright job at this parenting thing, after all.

The consumer giant recently invited celebrated children's author and illustrator Patricia Lakin to sit down with parents at their children's school, and chat about how they think the current generation differs from the past when it comes to kindness. Most of them said the same (slightly depressing) things: that sadly, the world seems to have become far less compassionate; that kindness is kind of dead; that the current generation just seems to ... well, not care as much about others.

After listening to all their thoughts on the state of the world, Lakin sent the parents away and brought in their children. One by one, she asked them about moments where they cared, and told them to recite everything they did, bit by bit, in vivid detail, as she feverishly took notes.

Then, Lakin lovingly turned those stories into sweet, inspirational, caring children's books. The results are heartwarming.

Image via YouTube

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