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WATCH: 'Millennial Parents' Sing Inappropriate Lullabies from the '90s

"Millennial Parents" web series shows parents singing inappropriate 90's songs

Ask anyone who grew up in the '90s, and most of us can still remember our parents humming us to sleep with the classics: Bob Dylan; The Beatles; sometimes they'd even throw in a little Motown, to spice things up. They were sweet, if faint, first memories that we probably always thought we'd repeat with our kids.

Except for one little hiccup.

As the new Web series "Millennial Parents" expertly points out, growing up in the '90s also meant growing up to slightly less tame lyrics on the radio. (To put it mildly.) Sure, there were some soothing songs from the Cranberries and maybe even Jewel that could probably be deemed baby-appropriate now, but most were of the weed-filled Snoop Dogg or angry Alanis variety. (We still can't believe our parents let us blast those in our rooms.)

And while these tunes may still hold a special place in our hearts, there's just something about standing over your baby's crib, crooning "I Love It When You Call Me Big Poppa" that doesn't quite feel right.

Or does it? Watch as two "millennial parents" hilariously act out what happens when you turn classic-yet-inappropriate '90s songs into sweet-sounding lullabies for your tot.

Image via YouTube

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