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Kid Returns Lost License But Has One Request for Its Owner

Kid returns lost license, has some advice for its owner

Most of us can only hope that when our kids are out there in the world on their own, they remember the basics of the values we teach them. Not just the always-say-please-and-thank-you stuff, but the true, kind-hearted, be-good-to-people stuff.

Well, somewhere in Oregon this week, the parents of a kid named Steven are sitting back, proud. Recently, the young boy came across a lost license in the middle of the street and — knowing the owner would be in desperate need of it — mailed it back to the address on the license. But included along with the Oregon license was a little note Steven penned in adorable, chicken-scratch kid writing.

It read (sic, throughout):

"Dear Mr., I found your driver license on the street and so I thougt that you will relly need it back so I thout this would be the nice thing to do and I hope that when you see something like this you will do the same thing. Senicerley Steven"

Steven, we couldn't be prouder. And same goes for the man on the receiving end of the letter, who posted it to Reddit shortly after. "I lost my licence (sic) about a week ago," the user level1biscuit wrote. "Today, I received this in the mail. Needless to say, he will be receiving a reward." And not just a cash reward, either — he went on to say in the comments that he also wants to throw in a LEGO set to thank him for his kindness.

But while LEGOs are definitely the way to most kid's hearts, one commenter was quick to remind him of Steven's original request: "Looks like he just wants you to pay it forward," wrote Omnipotent_Goose. "Pretty profound for someone who looks like they're still learning to write."

We second that.

Image via Imgur

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