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Jimmy Fallon and Governor Chris Christie Bring Us 'The Evolution of Dad Dancing' — and It Is Epic

Jimmy Fallon and Governor Chris Christie perform skit on The Tonight Show

Last year, Jimmy Fallon and First Lady Michelle Obama totally killed it with their skit the "Evolution of Mom Dancing" on the Tonight Show. In two hilarious minutes, the pair cut the rug with moves like the "Happy Snapper," the "Where's Your Father? (Get Him Back Here!)" and the "Oh My God, I Love This Song!"

But last night, it was Dad's turn. Jimmy invited New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on to help him show off some of everyone's favorite fatherly dance moves — which were, for the record, way less cool than Mom's moves, but every bit as hysterical. Of course, the dancing duo made it even more comical by donning coordinating khakis, loafers and polos, so they could more seriously channel their inner dadness.

A few of our favorites moves? The "Belt Grabber," the "Oh, Stop It! I'm Not Embarrassing You" and the"Don't Make Me Turn This Car Around."

Oh it was good. Real good.

Image via YouTube

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