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WATCH: Cat and Baby Adorably Transfixed by Rube Goldberg Machine

Cat and baby watch video of Rude Goldberg machine

Watching a Rube Goldberg machine in action for the first time is always fascinating — that little steel ball running through its obstacle course, setting off one chain reaction after the next. Pretty impressive, if you ask us.

Well, unless you're this baby and his cat. In a super adorable YouTube video, the tot and his four-legged sidekick sit silently transfixed in front of the TV, watching the machine run its course. While they definitely seem to be into it at first, by the clip's end, it appears to be quite the opposite. All at once, both turn to the camera in perfectly timed synchronicity, with matching expressions on their faces, as if to say "So ... is that it?"

Needless to say, neither were impressed.

The clip isn't exactly new (it was posted last spring) but seems to be just now going viral, thanks to BoingBoing.


Image via YouTube

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