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Genius Kid Shows Us How You Break Up With Someone After a Month

Kid writes hilarious break-up letter for boyfriend, after a month of dating

In the early years of parenthood, you spend most of your days teaching your kids to master the basics of life: how to ace shoe-tying; when to say their please-and-thank-yous; why they shouldn't pick their nose in public ... (the list goes on).

But when it comes to breaking up with someone gently, you might assume you've got a few more years ahead of you before you have to impart those skills.

No matter — as one 10-year-old reminds us, our kids are smarter than we think.

See, young DeLandren knows that when breaking up with someone you truly care about, it's best to be tactful, but to-the-point. Don't do it over the phone, and definitely not via text. But if you absolutely cannot bring yourself to break your significant other's heart into a million little pieces in person, you may want to consider old-fashion letter-writing to deliver the news gently. Rule No. 1: Be direct. Rule No. 2: Let her know that your heart is breaking, too.

DeLandren's break-up letter, which first made the rounds last summer, resurfaced again last week and has been steadily going viral once more (for obvious reasons).

We do appreciate how he acknowledges their anniversary at the end, plus how difficult this decision was for him to make. The words of a true gentleman, right there.

Image via Instagram

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