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Dove's Father's Day Ad Show Us What Fatherhood Is Really Like

Dove ad captures emotional moments with dad

Yesterday, our Facebook newsfeeds overflowed with tons of sweet dad things in honor of Father's Day. There were vintage dad-and-baby photos, happy snapshots from family BBQs and lots of gushy status updates that all paid tribute to the men we are proud to call "Dad."

But of all the dad-centric posts that floated to the top of our feeds yesterday, there was one video everyone kept sharing which really tugged at our heart strings. It was Dove's latest tearjerker — an ad produced by their Dove+Men line — and it was all about promoting #RealDadMoments.

As the video's YouTube description explains: "Three quarters of dads feel they are responsible for their child's emotional well-being, while only 20% of dads see this role reflected in the media. It's time to acknowledge the caring moments of fatherhood that often go overlooked."

Those tiny, less-talked-about moments include brushing the tangles out of their little girl's hair, coming to the rescue in the middle of the night when their teen's car breaks down and just simply being there to answer the call when someone yells "Daddy!" And it is a minute of absolute sweetness.

Did you get all teary, watching each kid yell "Daddy!" over and over again, before flying into their dad's arms? We're right there with you.

The emotional clip was the result of a survey Dove Men+Care held with 1,000 dads. After 64 percent admitted they feel the media portrays fatherhood inaccurately, they said they feel dads are often shown as "disconnected, bumbling and incompetent." But when asked to describe themselves as dads, they used words like "caring" and "loving."

Watching the powerful ad reminded us of another moving Mother's Day spot that ran just last month, by Cardstore. In it, a fake company interviews several women for the role of "Director of Operations." Only problem? The job comes with some nearly-impossible expectations: no guarantee of sleep, no pay, no vacations ...

"Is that even legal?" one woman asks, before it's revealed that the "job" she was applying for was that of "Mom." (You can watch it again here.)

Image via YouTube

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