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Couple Welcomes Triplets on Friday the 13th, After 13 Years of Trying

Triplets born on Friday the 13th, after parents tried for 13 years

A South Florida couple is grinning ear to ear this week at all the amazing luck they've been having lately — and they truly deserve it, after going through a particularly unlucky decade first.

Get this: Diana and Marlon Bustos had been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for 13 long years, but to no avail. After year after year of fertility treatments, they thought that it finally might be all over for them ... until something deep down told them to give it just one more try.

And boy, are they glad they did. "I can't believe it," Diana told Local 10's Jacey Birch. "It's a miracle for us."

Late last year, Diana became pregnant with not just one baby, but three. The lucky mama wound up giving birth to them on an otherwise "unlucky" day: Friday the 13th. Diana even carried the triplets for an incredible 36 weeks, which meant that when they were finally born, they were a healthy weight and could avoid spending time in the neonatal unit, heading home just days later.

"The NICU was ready for them and then you heard, 'No, straight to the nursery,'" said Diane. "I was like, 'What?' I couldn't believe it."

"When I turned 35, I was like, let's just try it one more time and see if it happens," she continued. "If it doesn't, then we know we did our best and we're just going to move on with our lives. And it worked."

On June 13, the couple met their long-awaited daughters, Dianni, Dalyssa and Dalliyah, who were all born via C-section at South Florida's Memorial Hospital West.

Another spot of luck in this whole story? The triplets arrived just in time for Father's Day, undoubtedly thrilling their proud new papa Marlon.

Image via AOL

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